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Our Services

It’s not just what we do but how we do it. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service through honest conversation, transparent pricing, and plain old hard work.

Irrigation System Installation

If you are looking to get a consistently green and beautiful lawn throughout the growing season an irrigation system is one of the most important assets to have.

With FreeRain Irrigation you will receive a system built specifically for your needs. Year after year, your irrigation system will keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. With quick installs, cleanly workmanship, and unparalleled service watering your lawn will never be easier.

Maintenance & Repair

If you are looking for dependable irrigation service and maintenance look no further. We pride ourselves on timely communication, transparent pricing, and efficient work timelines.

We provide consistency with your irrigation system. It's our goal to keep your watering schedule unfazed with 100% uptime.

Start-Ups & Blow-outs

Beginning the year off on the right foot is key for your lawn. We can help start your irrigation system each spring to ensure all parts of your system are in top working condition.

We can also help you finish your growing season with a final blow-out. Ensure your irrigation system doesn't freeze over the cold winter by giving us a call. Nothing can create more havoc in your lawn than an incorrect yearly irrigation blow-out.

Irrigation System Consultation

If you are contemplating an extensive irrigation system installation FreeRain Irrigation can help.

We consult with customers to ensure they can meet their watering needs. Whether its a basic residential lawn or a large expansive property we can guarantee your system is adequately sized and installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry we have your back! With all our irrigation systems we can diagnose, repair, and help maintain your system to keep it running like the first day we installed it!

We will! Just give us a call and we will gladly help get your irrigation system back up and running or maintained correctly.

We will be the first one to answer with, “you don’t.” Mother nature is great at growing things but it isn’t always dependable.  A FreeRain Irrigation system provides stability to keep your lawn watered and healthy regardless of the elements. 

Typically we can install a system within a day. Each system installation length depends on size, location, and water source.

Yes! Many of our customers have lake homes and cabins where we can draw from a well or body of water. Just give us a call so we can ensure we meet necessary permissions and environmental protocols.

Each system’s budget is dependent on size, number of heads, well vs. city water, etc. Overall, our customers are extremely happy once they are able to enjoy their lawn built specifically for their needs for a reasonable price


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